Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Fuel Cycle: Day 2

More on Deep S days 

Nothing that has the slightest hints of carbs. So no yogurt (even 0% Greek), no cottage cheese, none of that. Everything is to be of the purest fats that you can find. So what does that mean for me and my family's low budget? Lots of eggs.


Fried eggs seasoned with Nutritional Yeast and salt and pepper, small cup of coffee with a bit of cream and stevia


Salmon on lettuce with fried bacon


Okay, I was bad. I got into some ready whip my mom had gotten this morning for our fuel pull days. . . It was an hour until supper and I didn't (still don't until someone proves me wrong) think it was that wrong of a thing to do. It's just about a fuel pull!


Kai Si Ming from the THM book with much smaller amounts of onions. My first try at something like that, and it was good! At least I thought it was, others might have other opinions.

I really need to work on drinking more, I've only drank two cups of water other than the coffee with breakfast. I can't wait until tomorrow!
God Bless

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