Monday, July 1, 2013

The Start of My First Fuel Cycle

What is a Fuel Cycle? 

A Quick Rundown 

If you have not heard of (or most likely read) the book Trim Healthy Mama, a Fuel Cycle is a week long of eating that forces your metabolism to start using your body's fuel (aka fat). It goes very much like this: Three Deep S (eat as pure of fats as possible with non-starchy veggies and no Carbs) days, two Fuel Pull (foods with very little to no fats or carbs with non-starchy veggies), and two E (Next to no fats, low carb) days, you repeat this a second or even a third time depending on how stubborn your body is. Today was day one of my Fuel Cycle. The deep S days forces your body to use up the sugars that are already in it (all of the glucose) and to start turning towards your fat for burning while giving it the best fats you can possibly afford. The Fuel Pull days are to start burning your own fat. No carbs, basically no fat (what fat you are allowed is burned up quickly by your body). Finally the E days where your body gets to refuel on glucose/carbs.

Day 1

My first day, a deep S, is now coming to an end. As my family's budget is rather low, we have had to come back to some pretty basic foods until tomorrow, when we get to go food shopping. So far I'm tired, but then again I haven't been keeping to a good bedtime lately. . . (usually sometime between ten and eleven, but I always take about fifteen to thirty minutes to fall asleep only to get up around six in the morning. . .)

Breakfast: Fried eggs, half a cup of coffee with a small amount of cream sweetened with Stevia

Lunch: Scrambled eggs and mushrooms with salmon seasoned with salt, pepper, and nutritional yeast.

Snack: Whipped Cream  and Iced Oolong Tea sweetened with Stevia

Dinner: Scrambled eggs with hamberger and mushrooms, more Oolong Tea sweetened with Stevia

Each day is a new one, I can't wait to find out what it will be like!
God Bless,

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