Sunday, June 30, 2013

How well did I do? June Recap


After one hectic month, I'm sitting down and looking back to see how well I did on my resolutions. I am a bit ashamed to say I almost forgot about these until I decided that it is time to put up an update. Well, here goes.

#1 Less Computer

    B+ or 85% : I have been on the computer less, but when I have been on I have not been doing what I should be doing; instead of writing or looking up what I was originally supposed to be looking up, I'd be on Pinterest, YouTube, or Facebook. . .

#2 Help Keep Things Clean

    C+  75% : One of my banes is how I ignore things that I don't like. Such as cleaning. I have been much better, especially with the kitchen and dining room, but my room is such a mess right now! It doesn't help that everyone in it (I'm sharing it with four sisters) doesn't want to help clean either. To top it off I was gone for a week, and the week before that I was busy with VBS! The excuses shouldn't count though, I need to make cleaning (even more than my share of it) more of a responsibility.

#3 Start FAFSA 

   A 95% : I finished filling out and sending it in about one and a half weeks ago. Woo hoo! Something done on time! The down side, I evidently missed something while filling it out, and now I have to contact a Financial Aid Assistant to figure out the problem. Ouch.

#4 Get as Much of my Story Written before the Summer Workshop

   A 90% : I did get the first chapter written a week before the Workshop! I also wrote a few pages of the second chapter as well. The Workshop was beyond amazing, and I'm hoping to go again next year. I am now plowing my way through the third chapter in my story. I say plowing because I feel so bad about how awfully written my first two chapters are, but I'm not supposed to edit them until after I've written the whole book.

Final Score: B+ or 86% 

Ouch. I'm hoping to do better next month. I'll hopefully be posting July's Resolutions soon.
God Bless!

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