Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I'm not on the computer much lately. . .

This is the reason I'm behind on this blog, and my writing blog. In fact, most of my computer time lately has been taken up with college prep and writing (okay, I squeeze in Pinterest too now and then. :P ), so I'll just try to give you a really quick rundown on what has been happening.

My mom bought the Trim Healthy Mama book as I've said before, and I have finally finished reading it. In fact, I finished it last Sunday, on Easter. It took that long to finish it! I am already trying to put it too work, even though the rest of my family isn't that into it yet. I even started trying to do the 'Spew' workout. My first time doing it was last night, and I am still sore today! I am planning on getting pictures taken soon for 'before and after'.

I have been accepted by Northland International University! I am so excited! As you can tell by the exclamation marks! Now, I'm working on figuring out how I'm going to pay for it. . . I am going to stubbornly not take out any loans, so if that means I have to go one semester at a time in order to pay for it, I will do that. I'm working on filling out FAFSA, and I'm starting on a search for as many scholarships and grants as I can find.

I've been reading through Martha Peace's book Becoming a 2 Timothy Woman, and I've been highly convicted on how I and my life are not the picture that God want's me to be like. I'm almost done reading through it, and I'll be starting the Girls Gone Wise book next.

I'm doing a World View class with my mom and some friends, and one of the things I will have to do is a Media Fast. I'm not sure exactly when I'll be doing it, but it will include no TV or computer for a certain amount of time. I'm planning on doing more crafts, reading, and school during that time.

That's all that has been happening around here!

God Bless!

~ Sparrow

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