Monday, February 3, 2014

Jesus Son of God - Chris Tomlin & Christy Nockels - Passion 2012 - White...

The Cross is Enough.

There is no way around it.
This week is week three of a new
semester and God won't let me be.
Again and again He's been shouting at
me “I'm enough”.

The Cross is Enough

He's blessed me by suddenly giving me a
grant that I didn't even know I could get that is worth $2,900.
He's blessed me with a week of in depth
Light showing me who I am through His Words and works.
He's blessed me with seeing my family
for the first time in almost three weeks through a video chat.

The Cross is Enough.

I'm worried about whether I can afford
to come back to college next semester.
I'm worried about my family possibly
moving twelve+ hours away.
I'm worried for some of my siblings
because they don't personally know Christ.

The Cross is Enough.

Trials will come and make me stronger.
The years ahead will be
filled to the brim with them.
I have the perfect map and help in God's Word.

The Cross is Enough.

God Bless

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