Sunday, November 10, 2013

Be Our Guest!

I have no idea why I'm so horrible at keeping up an every day blog, and yet am getting pretty good with keeping a writing blog.


I've been learning tons.
Tomorrow I have a few tests, so technicly I'm going over my clause introductory words (that, which, who, how, when, after, etc.) and reviewing my ancient history notes (Rome, Carthage, China, India, all that good stuff!). 
I might try doing a post some time of all that I've learned in my history class alone! 
I might even try doing it with my other classes too. :)

Church has been interesting.
I would say great, except for one reason:
On Communion Sundays I'm usually late to work.
Like today.
Other than that damper, I've been learning lots!
Sunday School is about the names of God (Today's was El Shaddai), and during the Service we're going through the book of Mark (today was chapter 10).

Work has been pretty good.
Tonight I'm actually rather hyper.
I even started to hum/mutter-lyrics-beneath-my-breath Be Our Guest from Beauty and the Beast.
Now I have a great yearning to watch that movie again!

My writing has been stop and go.
I might try to turn my winter break into a NaNoWriMo type of thing, even though it isn't really a whole month.
For more updates, look at my writing blog!

I really should be studying more. . . 
And reading my Bible. . . 
I have to finish reading the Gospel of Luke before Thursday!
And I also have to read Hebrews and 1 Peter. . .
Yup, I'm returning to reading!

God Bless

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