Thursday, September 19, 2013

Blogging Month: Week two-Why Can't I get this done on time?

Yup. I'm late. Yes, I'm still keeping at this. If I don't, I'd be giving up. I don't want to make giving up a habit, as that is something I already tend to do (Blogging problem, perhaps?).

Week overview. . . Well, last week's devotions seminar was easy (kind of) for the last few days. I just did my own devotions because Mr. Patz wasn't here, though we all had to sign in still to get the credit. We're actually fined ($10 if I remember correctly) for every absence that wasn't pre-planned.

I'm actually getting really vague on all the details of last week already. I'll just knock that up to being overly tired. You see, this week is FOCUS week at my college, which means that we have a second chapel session in evening. Plus we still have 7 AM devotions in the morning. Plus two tests that we/I still had to study for. Which, by the way, is finished now, so tonight I'm going to sigh with a relief not quoting Bible verses and trying to remember what all the meanings of words are. . . 

Anyways. Until day after tomorrow. . . 

God Bless!

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