Monday, July 13, 2015

Shadows Slowly Lengthen

The sun longs for its distant bed, 
A cold hard place to rest its head, 
So the shadows slowly lengthen, 
Until the time the sun awakens.


This summer has so far been very long, full of twists and turns. 

Work has been, well, work, full of constantly changing schedules and long days. 
Transferring to a different college is almost completed.
 My sister is now engaged, and planning a fall wedding this year. 
I still have a trip ahead of me to see my grandmother, and this isn't mentioning the headache I'll get trying to figure out plane tickets for getting to college and mailing my stuff. 

But for tonight, I'll just claim the truth that God is good, and He doesn't put anything in my life that He hasn't prepared me for. 
Until next time. 

God Bless

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