Sunday, April 27, 2014

April Showers


This is becoming sad.

I have at least been able to keep this blog going at "a post a month" basis, and this month I didn't have anything prepared. 
Well, here's just what's been going on up here in northern Wisconsin.

College life has been, well, busy.

For one of my Bible Classes I had to read 300 pages of commentaries on Old Testament books over the entire semester, and they are due this next week.
Being who I am, I put it off until the last minute, so I'm busily trying to read about 200 more pages. 

Speech class has actually began to be easier.
I still sway and talk fast, but I'm not nearly as nervous now as I used to.
I'm happily sitting on a solid B.

To top it all off, my piano lessons have gone a bit haywire.
My piano teacher's wife had her baby, a little boy, on the day of my piano lessons.
I'm happy for them, it just complicates everything more.

But tomorrow.

Tomorrow is Founder's Days here at Northland.
A day of no classes for us students, it will be much more relaxing and happy for me.
It'll end with a concert by Andrew Peterson, which is very happy.
*Side Note: I didn't know about his music until they sent out information about this year's Founders Day.
I looked him up and love his music.
I especially like his Life for the Lost Boy and Counting Stars CDs.*

Moving on.

God is good.
He's given me strength to get through the last few weeks.
He hasn't brought snow down on us in the last week.
The grass is turning green.
The sun was out yesterday.
Today was restful.
God is good.

The Blue Umbrella by *La-Chapeliere-Folle on deviantART


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